We work for you, not the insurance companies.™

We work for you not the insurance companies.™    We will shop the entire insurance market to get you the best deal.

Our team of 50 agents and partners will help you compare over 100 insurance companies.

Our streamline process will get you quickly covered with the best price. 

Why Use Policy Zoom?

Save Money

We work with all the top blue-chip insurance companies and will show you all of your options. With Policy Zoom you can shop and save money on life insurance, long term care insurance, hybrid long term care insurance, annuity, disability insurance, home and auto insurance quotes and rates from one independent source. 

Save Time

We know your time is valuable. When you use Policy Zoom to compare companies, it saves you time from having to talk with multiple insurance agents all trying to steer you to the company that pays them the most commission. 


We work for you, not the insurance companies.™ This has been our trademarked company vision since our founding over two decades back. We are on your team and our goal is to get you the best insurance product at the best price. 

Learn more in our Financial Wisdom Portals™

Learn for you can use life insurance as a tool to protect you and your family.

Protect your nest egg, maintain your independence and ensure you are not a burden on your kids.

Learn how fixed index annuities can give your portfolio principle protection while giving you the opportunity to safely index your growth to the market. 

Learn how DI can protect your family’s lifestyle if you get injured or sick.

Learn how you can protect your most likely biggest investment, your home, while at the same time not over insuring it.

Learn how to find the balance between too much and too little auto insurance.

We are a simple solution to solve your insurance problems.

PolicyZoom will help you shop the entire insurance market of products to ensure you get the best plan at the best price.
PolicyZoom: Shop. Compare. Zoom!

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